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Pilot for a day

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Category: Flying&Sightseeing Flights, In the air (Flights and paragliding)

Locality: Brno, Česká republika, Ostrava, Praha


Pilotem na zkoušku

You will become a pilot’s assistant, helping to solve problems and difficult situations. Together with the pilot, you will plan your flight path, mark it on the map, check the air space, program the flight deck equipment, find out the current weather conditions, carry out pre-flight checks on the plane, and learn how to request permission for take-off, using the correct words and phrases for communication with air traffic control. As the pilot’s assistant, you will help the pilot carry out pre-flight tasks • See whether you have a talent for flying and if you can deal calmly with difficult situations.


Options and prices:

Package code:Option:Price without VAT:Price with VAT:
AKT 179 404 1 osoba 3 999,84 CZK (180,28 €) 4 800,- CZK (216,35 €)
AKT 180 407 2 osoby 7 999,68 CZK (360,57 €) 9 600,- CZK (432,70 €)
AKT 181 408 3 osoby 11 999,52 CZK (540,85 €) 14 400,- CZK (649,05 €)


Option: Locality:
Date: Pieces:

Contents of the package:

After receiving permission to take off, taxi to the runway. Final instrument check. Engine to full power, massive acceleration … and take-off! • Once you’re up in the air, your task will be to navigate the plane – using just a map and a compass • You will land at at least two other airfields, visiting interesting places along the way – if you have time to look at them, of course! • The experience takes place in a four-seater craft (Cessna 172/182) • Before the flight you will be given a tour of the plane and carry out all necessary pre-flight tasks with the pilot. You will also discuss the flight scenario and you will receive instructions on what to do in an emergency situation • The flight (including landings) will last around 90 minutes • Each participant will play the simulated role of the pilot’s assistant for at least 20 minutes (sitting in the seat next to the captain) • There will be landings at at least two other airfields for crew changes • On returning to the airfield there will be a post-flight briefing where you can discuss your experiences from the whole flight – and ask any questions about aviation and piloting • The precise start time and place will be sent to you as part of your pre-flight instructions 7 days before the planned date.



Physical conditions:

No particular level of physical fitness is needed, but we do not recommend this experience if you are afraid of heights or flying. Suitable for men and women from 18 years upwards. Under-18s only if accompanied by parents or with parental consent.

Total time:

Approx. 4 hours (10.00 meeting at the airfield, 10.10 pre-flight preparations, briefing, 11.00 board the aircraft, take-off, 12.30 return to the airfield, post-flight analysis and de-briefing. Each participant will play the simulated role of the pilot’s assistant for at least 20 minutes (sitting next to the captain).

Number of participants:

Balíček je určen pro 1–3 pasažéry – (piloty).


Spectators can wait at the airfield.

Wear, outfit:

Comfortable casual clothing appropriate for the weather/season. Paper and writing implements. A camera to capture your experiences.




Balíček je závislý na počasí a v případě špatného počasí – nízká viditelnost, silný vítr, jej není z bezpečnostních důvodů možné realizovat. V takovém případě bude vybrán náhradní termín. O zrušení akce a přesunutí na jiný termín bude s konečnou platností rozhodnuto den před plánovaným termínem do 21.00 hodin. Informaci o případném zrušení obdržíte SMS zprávou.

When best to order::

You should book at least 4–6 weeks before the planned date.

Additional services/programmes:

K vašemu balíčku jsme schopni zajistit řadu dalších doplňkových služeb od cateringu přes ubytování, natáčení apod. Využijte náš poptávkový formulář.

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