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Ultimate Trojanovice - tour to Beskydy Mountains with program

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The BEST of...

Category: All flavors, Outdoor programs, Adrenalin and adventure, Sports and leisure activities, Tour Packages of all flavors, In the Wallachian Kingdom - folklore programs

Locality: Česká republika, Moravskoslezské Beskydy, Pustevny - Radhošť, Trojanovice, Valašské království, Velký Javorník (Beskydy)


BEST of Trojanovice

1. Ráztoka–Pustevny chairlift - 2. Pustevny – 1 018 m a. s. l. - 3. Cyrilka viewing platform - 4. Statue of Radegast - 5.  Mount Radhošť – 1 129 m a. s. l. - 6.  Pilgrimage Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius - 7. Radhošť nature reserve - 8. Tarzánie rope centre - 9. Memorial to the Strnadel brothers and Jan Knebl - 10. Horečky belfry – the ‘Guardian of the Beskydy’;

Trojanovice (www.trojanovice.cz)
The mountain village of Trojanovice is located at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains under the peaks of Noříčí Hora (1047 m above sea level), Radhošť (1129 m) and Velký Javorník (918 m). Originally a small farming settlement, Trojanovice is now a major tourist resort with excellent facilities. Trojanovice can offer walkers and skiers its cable car, which runs from Ráztoka to Pustevny, as well as an abundance hiking and skiing terrain in the vicinity. The most important buildings are the Monument to the Strnadel Brothers and Jan Knebl and the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Metodej on Mount Radhošť dating from 1898, which are maintained by the Matice Radhošťská Association, which is also based in Trojanovice.

Options and prices:

The price of the programme/trip depends on the selected activities, the number of participants and the length of the whole programme. We can design programmes to suit all budgets! Please use our inquiry form.

Contents of the package:


1. Ráztoka – Pustevny chairlift – This ski lift was the first of its type in the world when built in 1940. The length of the cable is 1637 metres, with the base at 620 m above sea level and the top (at Pustevny) at 1018 m. In winter, Pustevny is a major ski resort with 11 ski lifts and 9 downhill runs.

2. Pustevny (1 018 m above sea level) - Pustevny is located between the peaks of Radhošť and Tanečnice. It is the largest and most popular mountain resort in the entire Beskydy range. The place name is derived from a word meaning ‘hermit’; there was a community of hermits here until the last of them died in 1874. Pustevny is dominated by two timber buildings designed by the architect Dušan Jurkovič – Maměnka and Libušín. There are also three more distinctive wooden structures – the Wallachian Cottage, U Záryša and the Tanečnice hotel (dating from 1926). Pustevny lies at a major junction of hiking routes.

3. Cyrilka viewing platform – Cyrilka is on the main ridge route from Pustevny to Radhošť and offers 360-degree panoramic views: to the Frenštát valley including Trojanovice, the Palkovice hills, Štramberk Castle with its distinctive tower, Čertův Mlýn (1 207 m above sea level), Kněhyně (1 275 m) and the highest peak in the Beskydy, Lysá Hora (1323 m). Not to be confused with the other Cyrilka – the name is also given to an important pseudo-karst formation at Pustevny, with an extensive system of underground tunnels.
4. Statue of Radegast - With the body of a man, the face of a lion, the head of a horned bull, 3 metres high and weighing 7 tonnes, Albín Polášek’s statue of the pagan god Radegast stands on the Radhošť ridge, 2 kilometres from the summit on the route to Pustevny. When transporting the statue to its location in 1930, the truck became stuck on a steep bend at Pustevny, and it had to be pulled out by 6 pairs of horses from Trojanovice. However, the original statue weathered badly in the harsh conditions, and in 1998 it was replaced by a granite copy. The original is now displayed at the town hall in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm.
5. Mount Radhošť (1 129 m above sea level) - Radhošť is the 7th highest mountain in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains and the westernmost peak above 1000 metres. It is the site of the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius and a statue of the two missionaries. There is also a transmitter and the Radegast mountain hotel. In good weather you can see the Jeseníky Mountains and the High Tatras in Slovakia. Just an easy walk from Pustevny, the summit of Radhošť is a popular destination.
6. Pilgrimage Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Radhošť - The highest church building in the Czech Republic. The chapel was built in 1898 with funds donated by pilgrims and citizens to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of the arrival of these two Byzantine missionaries, who brought Christianity to the Czech nation. In 1925 it underwent a thorough reconstruction. The original stone chapel was clad in tiles to offer it better protection against the harsh mountain climate. The chapel is located right on the border of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Zlín Region.
7. Radhošť nature reserve – On the north slopes of Radhošť are ancient beech forests. Among the healthy trees are dry or fallen trees which provide a habitat for many rare animal species. An area of the slopes is protected as a national nature reserve – the highest degree of protection provided by law. There are only 6 areas with this level of protection in the Beskydy Mountains.
8. Tarzánie – The largest rope centre in the Czech Republic, with several rope obstacle courses of varying difficulty levels. The park also has a special route suitable for children from the age of 4. Tarzánie is aimed at the general public – children and adults, individuals and groups. The Tarzánek mini-rope park is open free of charge for children from age 3 to 10.
9. Memorial to the Strnadel brothers and Jan Knebl – This cottage was built in 1985–1989 to replace a cottage dating from 1757, the birthplace of the sculptor and painter Jan Knebl and his nephews, the writer Bohumír Strnadel-Četyna, the painter Antonín Strnadel, and the writers Josef and Václav Strnadel. Today it is a popular venue for exhibitions, social and cultural events. There is a museum with exhibits on the life and work of Knebl and the Strnadel brothers. It also gives information on the history of the village, including the wave of emigration to Texas and everyday life in centuries past.
10. Horečky belfry – the ‘Guardian of the Beskydy’. This modern version of a traditional belfry was designed by the architects Kamil Mrva and Martin Rosa. It is based on the Wallachian folk tradition of simple ground-level belfries, and was unveiled on 15 May 2010 to mark the 3rd anniversary of a declaration of protest against plans to mine coal in the region.
Other interesting:
Radhošť Mountain Club – The first ever Czech hiking club, founded in 1884 – four years before the national hiking association. Members have included the composer Leoš Janáček and the local bard Petr Bezruč.
Emigration – Between 1850 and 1900 around 500 inhabitants of Trojanovice emigrated, mainly to Texas. Their descendants still live in central Texas, in the area around Fayetteville, Weimar, Hostyn, Dubina and other communities.


Physical conditions:

Clients must take into consideration their current state of health, but otherwise the service is designed for everybody. 

Total time:

The length of the programme/trip can be tailored to meet your requirements, ranging from several hours to several days and nights. The most common length is between 1 day and 3 days.

Number of participants:

Limited only by the capacity of individual activities. Usually from 10 to 150 people.

Wear, outfit:

Suitable clothing for the season and weather conditions.


All year.


We can prepare a programme for all weathers; we always include a ‘wet weather’ plan.

When best to order::

Preferably at least two weeks in advance, so we have time to make all the arrangements. The sooner you book, the more activities you’ll be able to choose. Of course, we’ll always do all we can for your satisfaction.

Additional services/programmes:

Whatever special requirements you may have, just let us know. Our range of activities is very wide, but it doesn’t contain everything.


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Wallachian Citizenship Ceremony Pustevny, 19.4.2012

Wallachian Citizenship Ceremony

BIKE FUN INTERNATIONAL, Emigration to the WK, 24.10.2012

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